Optimum Dry Ice Cleaning of Commercial Cleaning in Dubai

Our building cleaning services cover wide types of buildings. We undertake building cleaning projects on turn-key basis and offer an array of specialized cleaning solutions using the best industry methods, equipment’s, and minimal time required to complete the job. Our team is highly trained and skilled and we place the highest values in employing safety methods and practices.

We undertake cleaning contracts for residential buildings, corporate and commercial offices, shopping malls, educational institutions, hospitals and nursing homes, hotels and restaurants, commercial and industrial facilities and more. Along with dry ice blasting our cleaning services also include window and patio cleaning, façade cleaning, dust and dirt removal, escalator cleaning, Janitorial cleaning, Kitchen cleaning, Hazardous Waste disposal, Post construction cleaning, soft landscaping, restoration and mold remediation, glass & windows cleaning, High pressure washing, Cladding cleaning, restoration, and protection..


  • Faster and more effective cleaning
  • No secondary waste/disposal
  • Non- abrasive, non-toxic
  • Non conductive
  • Minimal downtime
  • Environmentally friendly and safe.