Most Reliable Industrial Cleaning Company in Dubai

There are various apparatus and equipments in industries with different debris and substances to be cleaned away. For such situation a good industrial cleaning company in Dubai can ease your worries.  Having specialty of dry ice blasting and experienced staff for challenging locations cleaning, ODICO is prepared to take care of them all with next-generation method, machinery and trained crews.

The precision cleaning method of dry ice blasting is a breakthrough that is utilized by a huge number of commercial enterprises and industries. For everything from cleaning sensitive and delicate semi-conductors to removing heavy slag, this process is fast, cost effective and uncomplicated.

Various industrial cleaning companies in UAE are still using old conventional methods which are no longer effective. ODICO excel in no post-cleanup through cold and dry ice blasting because there is no water wastage, unlike chemicals or steam cleaning. Moreover, there is no dust or granular grit left behind although the effectiveness of our technique is as good as sand blasting.

Cost Effective Industrial Cleaning Companies Dubai

Some machinery in industries can be cleaned with minimal downtime or on-line, and limited expense or no time lost is required for disposal of residue.

ODICO uses the most cost effective method with dry ice which can easily protect any surface or machinery under the grime. Contrasting to bead blasting, sand, or chemicals, CO2 pellets produced during optimum dry ice cleaning will not leave scratches or pits. Carbon dioxide is not a harmful or hazardous chemical for your industry, like most cleaning solvents utilized by industrial cleaning companies Dubai.

Our services exceed the meticulous requirements of ever growing modern industry setups. We safely and expertly use one of the largest machines of pressurized water blasting in the United Arab Emirates, as well as various other chemical cleaning methods.

Cleaning Manufacturing and Industrial Facilities

When it comes to industrial facilities, we see a mix of areas which include corridors, offices, labs, loading docks, warehouses, cafeterias, storage, restrooms and equipment rooms – as well as assembly or manufacturing areas. With the proper equipments, wide hallways with carpeting, marble or cement flooring can be cleaned efficiently. Unlike many other industrial cleaning companies in Dubai, ODICO pay close attention and keen interest to using the right cleaning process and tools to accomplish the finest end result.

Hiring ODICO can result in

  • Creating a positive image of your industry for customers, employees and vendors
  • Slippery surfaces can be avoided through properly clean floors
  • Clean break rooms and restrooms help create a better and happier environment in your industry

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Application of Dry Ice Cleaning in Your Industry

Using the cleaning method of high pressure water in your work area is the safest process to scour all the industrial equipment, since dry ice cleaning uses no chemicals or harsh materials which could interact or damage industrial substances.

This makes ODICO the premium choice for industrial cleaning services in UAE. Whether it is a reactor or a paint removal, a sewer drain cleaning or emergency oil spill cleaning, soil remediation or industrial storage tanks clean up, our experts are just one call away.